RPOF Staff

Get the Word Out


Juston Johnson

Executive Director - Tallahassee

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Richard Swarttz

Chief Financial Officer - Tallahassee

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Lela Whitfield

Director of Human Resources - Tallahassee

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Richard Franklin

Administrative Assistant - Tallahassee

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Currie Dickerson

Executive Assistant to the Chairman and Executive Director

Political Affairs

Emily Evans

Data Director - Tallahassee

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George Riley

Political Director


Susan Hepworth

Communications Director

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Kim Hawkes

Communications Assistant - Tallahassee

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Chris Hartline

War Room Manager - Tallahassee

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Dick Atwell

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Digital Strategy

Andrew Abdel-Malik

Director of Digital Strategy

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Jordan Gibson

Creative Director

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Kevin Hofmann

Finance Director - Tallahassee

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Katherine Howard

Assistant to the CFO/Accounts Receivable - Tallahassee

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Kay Linton

Accounts Payable

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Kimberly Simpson

Accounting Assistant -

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Member Relations

George Riley

Political Director

Senate Campaigns

Kelly Schmidt

Office Manager

Joel Springer

Director of Senate Campaigns

Andrew Wiggins

Deputy Director of Senate Campaigns

Ashley Ross

Finance Director

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Tony Cortese

Nicole Hagerty

Deputy Finance Director

House Campaigns

Frank Terraferma

Director of House Campaigns

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Ryan Smith

Deputy Director of House Campaigns

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Kristin Lamb

Finance Director

Rachel Day

Executive Assistant